Alyona Borochin is a dynamic jewelry designer and founder of DIDAJ.  She has been creating unusual jewelry pieces for many years, focusing on exotic materials, color, and form, to create jewelry that is refined, yet gets noticed.

“Creating jewelry has been a lifelong passion and has given me a great deal of satisfaction.  I especially enjoy the pleasure it brings my clientele, from all over the world.”



The DIDAJ Collections bring together colorful Exotic and Italian leathers, Precious and Semi-Precious gemstones, and various species of coral and pearl.  Intricate beading, micro-pave, textured exotic skins, and supple Italian leather really distinguish the collections from anything on the market, today.



Alyona has always been an artist.  Her background, from a very young age, was in artistic expression through dance.  She received a Master’s Degree in Artistic Direction and Choreography, from the Kiev State Art University and was a professional performer while living in the Ukraine.  She traveled the world for five years, until moving to the United States, in 1993.  During the early years in her new home, she used her experience and education to its fullest, teaching in many of the top academies and dance schools in the Chicago area.  She also helped produce and choreograph programs for a number of ice skaters and ice dancers, some of whom went on to become top skaters in the US.


As with many things in life, change is inevitable.  While dance was a large part of Alyona’s life, the commitment and dedication in many of her students was disappointing, which forced her to rethink her commitment to the art.


There was always a yearning for artistic expression and Alyona’s next endeavor into Jewelry design, which was always an interest, proved to be the exact mix of self-reliance, artistic creativity, and attention to detail she was looking for.  Over the next several years, Alyona focused on becoming an expert in the industry, creating custom designs for private clients, and building relationships with various suppliers from around the world.  Her attention to detail, sophisticated taste, and an eye for color, elevated her designs.


“I look to many of my life experiences for inspiration. From my fascination with art history, to my observations of nature, I draw upon a wide variety of shapes, textures, and materials, to create something distinctive and exciting.”