Buffalo Horn Jewelry

Horn jewelry is an exquisite expression of beauty and function.  Originating in Vietnam, where the craft has been passed down from one generation to another, artisans carve beautiful shapes for mugs, plates, utensils, and many other items, but the most beautiful and highest quality selections are saved for jewelry. As with any natural material, there are unique patterns to every piece, but there are a few features that really distinguish high-quality horn material from something that is just mediocre.  Solid, rich natural colors, with white and black streaks, are considered denser and a higher quality material than a transparent yellowish color.
Horn Quality Side by Side
Horn jewelry can also be glazed with various natural lacquers and dyes, which adds pizazz and helps make each jewelry piece a focal point. 
I collaborate with several artisans to help create my horn collections.  I design collection with my unique shapes and colors, exclusively for my DIDAJ brand.  Each piece has its own, one of a kind, special character.